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Raw Golden Phantom Selenite Wands, Sacral Selenite, Utah Selenite Slices

Raw Golden Phantom Selenite Wands, Sacral Selenite, Utah Selenite Slices

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Listing is for 1 Wand or Plate of chosen size.

Every piece will have the Limonite inclusion. This inclusion tends to form in lovely chevroned phantoms and just golden patches of selenite crystal! These pieces come from a fresh water spring deposit in Utah and are super unique!

Please allow for some varience in weight. If a piece is exceptionally awesome we might include it in your order even if it is a few grams light. This won't be a dramatic change but a few gram under your weight of a piece might be exceptionally perfect for your order and we want to make sure you get what intuition says you should! Don't worry this choice will always be in your favor when it comes to quality and goodies received.

⭐Plates will be always be flat

⭐Wands may be flat but will usually be more of a round wand like look

⭐ Pair of pieces or going to be pieces that are easily held in a closed hand and 2-3 inches long and have a good inclusion and chunky feel to them!

Please select size for picture for sizing.
As the wands and plates get larger they will be more amazing!! They have greater character & effect upon the practitioner.
The chunky style wands and palm pieces are designed for those of us looking to meditate or work with.
This is the ideal crystal for someone looking to explore a new high vibrational crystal and enhance their inner self worth.

My own experience:
It also works as a sacral and inner child enhancing crystal, allowing you to harness your own inner powers to release tension.
Placing this crystal just below my belly button and breathing through the space for just 30 seconds began a very strong release of tension I didn't realize was there until it was gone!

They almost glow under the light ✨

As the pieces get larger they will also get thicker so please allow for some variance in the sizing. If you need a specific shape or thickness please specify when you order and we will do what we can.

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