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Mystery Box || Choose your size!!

Mystery Box || Choose your size!!

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Listing is for 1 mystery box of value selected.

Selenite surprise: This will include a selection of our various different types of selenite!

All mystery boxes $50+ will receive a unique statement piece that will set the theme for the rest of the box,whether it be a raw Solaris or standing selenite tower, it will be an eye catcher and set the tone for the rest of the box!

Each mystery box will be intuitively chosen from the entire shop! What will you get? No one knows!! πŸ˜‰

This is 1 example of a $27 box:
2 $300 and a $500 box examples.

Half of the shops stock has been collected by myself and the other half has been curated from private collections and directly sourced from miners and suppliers.

Hand collected only mystery boxes can be requested.

🌟To stay up to date on all updates and current collections and meditations follow along on Instagram and TikTok @omearthcrystals ! 🌟

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