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Large Raw Selenite Plate, True Selenite Charging Plates, Utah Selenite Slices

Large Raw Selenite Plate, True Selenite Charging Plates, Utah Selenite Slices

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Number of Plates
Listing is for one Selenite plate of chosen size. You will not receive the plates in the photos but will receive a similar plated in size range chosen.

4-6oz plate will be at least 3 inches long width will vary by the piece.

10-12oz plate will be approximately 5-6 inches with the width varying by the piece.

12-14oz vary from 6-8 inches long with the width varying by the piece.

16+ will have a 8-10 inch long face and will be sorted by size before weight, but all of the pieces will be approximately 16-24oz

15-30oz plates are very similar to the
12-14oz but will be just be a bit bigger all around as well as thicker. These will not have the length to them as the 16+ oz plates in this listing, they will fall between the 12-14oz and the 16+ oz plates.

Please note these are approx square sizes and the plate you receive will not always be square , since these are natural crystals the shape will vary and your plate may be rectangular or slightly triangular.

Please select a size to see sizing.

As the plates get larger they will also get thicker. All plates will be highly transparent no matter the thickness. The larger plates can be up to 3/4 inches thick.

This selenite is so epic! This selenite was water cleaned to be cleansed, charged, and cleaned up.

These pieces have an amazing energy to them and are sparkling clean and beautiful. Very cooling when held and these would make amazing night stand or altar pieces to add water and air element to the room as well as their clearing effect!

They even shine and almost glow under the light ✨

As the pieces get larger they will also get thicker so please allow for some variance in the sizing. If you need a specific shape or thickness please specify when you order and we will do what we can.

Selenite pairs well with tektites and quartz get some here:

Smaller selenite plates can be found here:

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